10 Top Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing!


This week on my Instagram stories, I shared with you my top tips for making my house smell amazing. Use one, or all of these tips, and you’ll be ready to welcome anyone into your home at any time, without having to do the mad dash around to rooms spraying like mad, ultimately knocking your guests off their feet with an overpowering waft of whatever it was you could grab first.

To make things easier, I’ve found one products that you can use for all of thee 10 hacks. I’ve recently discovered a brand called Mask Co. and they are a game changer! They have these amazing air fresheners in the most gorgeous scents. All you need is just one spray in the right spot, and your house smells gorg for days to come.

Ok here we go….my top tips for making your home smell long lastingly fresh!

  1. One spray on the inside of your toilet roll. The scent will last as long as the toilet roll does.
  2. Spray the bottom of your vacuum cleaner. When you vacuum, your rooms will be filled with your favourite scent.
  3. Reed diffuser has run out? Refill with a Mask Co. air freshener and it will do the same job!
  4. One spray in your fake flowers – have them smelling like the real deal!
  5. spray a dryer sheet with your fave Mask Co. fragrance, and pop it inside your cushions. They’ll release a gorgeous scent each time you fluff them up.
  6. Spray onto your return air vent – when the air sucks back through, it will bring a gorgeous scent with it and pump it through to the rest of your home.
  7. Spray onto cotton balls and pop them into the pockets of your clothes in your wardrobe. It will make the whole place smell incredible!
  8. Spray the inside of your tissue box. Every time you pull out a tissue, you’ll release a fresh puff of beautiful fragrance into the air.
  9. One spay onto your mattress when you make your bed with fresh sheets.

and my personal favourite….

10. Spray onto the self adhesive pads (you know the ones you would normally stick to the bottom of your chair legs to stop them from scratching the floor?) and stick them in those odor collector areas e.g. inside your bin lid, to the inside of your kitchen drawers, to the inside of your clothes drawers, inside your shoe storage, wardrobes, recycling bins, laundry hampers.

To browse their gorgeous collection, head straight to Mask Co. here . I’ve snagged a cheeky little discount code for you too, enter dreaming10 at the checkout for 10% off your purchase. Winning!

I hope these little hacks have given you some ideas to use around your home to make them smell amazing! If you have any more, i would LOVE to hear from you – leave them in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “10 Top Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

  1. Hey darling I just wanna say that’s ur absolutely amazing ! I do like your Instagram page and your website !! Can you share please how we can start like you , did you do your website on your own ? Thank youuu


    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you are loving my content! To start, the first thing you need to do is identify your passion….what brings you joy! Once you have identified that, creating your own website is something that is very complex…and you can either google (A LOT) like i did, or pay someone to do it for you!

      Hope that helps! Can’t wait to share more content and blogs with you!

      Jo x x


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