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The idea of working with an interior designer can be a little daunting. When I heard that the gorgeous Meagan from Fawn and Finch had recently worked with the talented design firm Cullin Interiors, I knew I wanted to share her room revamp experience with you. Meagan shares her inspiration, any struggles she encountered and reminds you that working with an interior designer is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

Absolutely, my name is Meagan and I am the owner of Fawn and Finch a women and children’s shoe brand. I started the business back in 2014 when my first daughter Willow was born, it was a massive creative outlet for me in the beginning and it was away from me too keep active and busy whilst I was home with a newborn. It very quickly snowballed into what is now my full-time job and I am so grateful for the business itself and what it allows both me and my family.

Prior to falling pregnant with our third daughter Penny, Nathan and I had discussed what we would do with the bedroom situation as we have a four-bedroom house with one of those rooms is a dedicated toy room present. We came up with a solution that Willow and Blair could share a bedroom, and that left the empty room to become the nursery for the time being. 

Both of the girls had very different styled rooms and both of their beds wouldn’t have been able to fit in the one-bedroom together so this prompted us to sell the items from the bedroom that we couldn’t use, or didn’t feel that they would fit with the new aesthetic that we were going for. After we had Blair we had sold and had donated a lot of her items as we were certain we were done having children, fast forward three years later and we had to buy everything (big items- cot etc) again as we had given it all away.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

We were fortunate enough to work with the team from Cullin Interiors, I personally knew Sarah through a mutual friend of ours and when Sarah’s project of the Monash Children’s Hospital didn’t progress due to COVID this year she very kindly reach out to me, knowing our history with the Monash Children’s Hospital and Blair’s birth and offered to work with me to create a space for both the girls and for our pending arrival.

Sarah really brought a whole new world of expertise to styling both of the rooms and had an entirely different skill set on offer in comparison to mine when it came to the world of designing interiors. I was really excited for the experience of working with an interior designer as I have never done so in the past, and it really excited me as I knew the calibre of work that Sarah was going to be bringing to the table (she did not disappoint that’s for sure!!!).

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

Upon meeting with Sarah for the first time, we both had agreed that the nursery would be gender neutral as we didn’t know their sex of our pending arrival. I really wanted something that would be easily transitioned into either space for a little girl or for a little boy once the baby had arrived, and could be done so by just simply adding in a few elements that were very gender specific.

For the girls are really wanted to be quite fun and colourful, and both Sarah and I were really excited at the prospect of working with pallet made up of many shades of peach, pink and mustard. We really wanted to keep with a Bohemian style theme, and work in modern pieces where we felt it was appropriate. Again, I was really after a space that could be easily tweaked with the addition of styling pieces, that is really important to me as I love to play around with different styling pieces in both of the bedrooms and spaces and can be easily transformed with different linens and soft furnishings.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

I really love Raff’s style from Everyday Muse, and her little daughter’s bedroom gave me a lot of inspiration for the girl space. The rest of the inspiration for both of the rooms was found while scrolling Pinterest late at night. It really was collection of images that we had pulled from Pinterest that made up the mood boards and I also found helpful to checkout tag posts from brands on Instagram that I was interested in purchasing from and also working with on the project.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

I really love the creative process when it comes to projects like this, and my most favourite part is seeing it all come together. At times it can feel like a collective pile of things that you have collected to create the face and the magic really is in seeing it all come together.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

None whatsoever, Sarah from Cullin Interiors was incredible to work with and she contributed so much to both of these bedrooms on both the design level and a personal level. She really took on board everything that I wanted the spaces to represent and really made them feel like they seamlessly belonged within our home. It was really quite special to have someone to bounce off when it came to ideas for the spaces and when it came to sourcing product Sarah hands down one above and beyond to find the pieces that were right for these bedrooms.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

My favourite feature within the girl’s room would definitely be the feature of rattan and the Bohemian vibe, and also seeing the playfulness of the space with the neon lights that I custom ordered with each of the girl’s names.

My favourite feature within the nursery would definitely have to be the softness of the space. Is really a peaceful room and so calming to be in.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

I would definitely say that you need to find someone that you can bounce your ideas off, and that is open to working with you to create spaces. At the end of the day the spaces are going to end up being in your home and so they really need to be something that you are you excited to look at each and every day.

Interior styling: Cullin Interiors Photography: Fi Mims Photography

I don’t have any upcoming projects presently, I am doing a small revamp of our master bedroom at the moment. I definitely put that down to being bored in Victoria in isolation! I would love to redo our front living room at some stage – the couches in our front living room have seen better days and I would really love to be able to work a tan leather couch into that room at some point in time.

It has been an absolute privilege to feature Meagan on the blog. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for emphasising the importance of finding an interior designer that you gel with – it’s seriously so important!

If you’d like to see more of the space, head to Fawn and Finch on Instagram…you’ll also fall in love with her gorgeous shoes for both woman and children. I’m off to do some browsing….*adds to cart*…..

Thank you to Cullin Interiors and Fi Mims Photography for allowing me to share their beautiful work.

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