Guest Blog: The Coastal Barn Dream



Lauren’s style looks completely effortless which to me, says a lot about the person who has put a space together. It is comfortable, liveable and relaxed while also being chic and luxe.In my opinion, that’s the perfect combination for a Coastal Barn Dream! Read on to learn more about Lauren, her building journey, the challenges she faced and where she found her inspiration.

My name is Lauren. I’m a mum to 5 beautiful kids, that are nonstop with their level of energy. I’m a wife, and currently enjoying my new path styling and designing interiors and my home.

We didn’t initially have plans to build. Originally we wanted to find a place that we could renovate into our dream home, but after looking we realised we couldn’t find what we were looking for and stumbled across the beautiful land we have built on now, and knew this was the path we wanted to take,

I knew that I loved Coastal homes living on the Gold Coast my whole life and loved the feeling it created. I also lived on acreage and loved the style of Country homes and Farmhouses. I wanted to somehow combine the two, which is where the inspiration for The Coastal Barn Dream comes was created.

A lot of my inspiration came from a lot Pinterest pics of Barns converted into homes and white cladded beach houses. It wasn’t until I came across Three Birds Renovations and watched Bonnie’s dream home come to life that the whole way through the series I kept telling my husband, This is exactly what I have envisioned for our new home!

I have so many favourite spaces in my home and it is constantly changing, but if I have to narrow it down it would have to be right now my laundry and my home office, but then I still love my main living area with those high cathedral ceilings. Therereally is too many.

I would absolutely build again! I’m not sure if it would be another Forever home, because I think we will be here for a long while, but I have such itchy feet to get back into it. I just loved the whole process.

I think the hardest part was dealing with delays in the building process and land settlement delays. And not being able to get finishes when it was time to order. Which caused delays with finding new finishes that were available in new times frames. 

Yes we absolutely did have a budget. Did we stick to it… no, no we didn’t. We tried so hard, but I just kept making changes and we made additions along the way. We didn’t go too crazy though. I think being the builders yourself, makes it harder to stick to the budget. In my experience anyway.

Yes, there a few things I would change about the home. My husband is happy with everything, but last-minute changes I wish I had more time to correct with a different solution. For example, removing windows from the mudroom, I should have put a skylight in. Things we can do later but would have been so much less hassle doing them during the build.

I have a few little bits and pieces in the pipelines that I am working on, that’ll hopefully open doors for more projects. I’m also on the look out for another location to do a Renovation on and become a holiday home and another photoshoot location. So watch this space!

It has been an absolute privilege to feature Lauren on the blog. Thank you for sharing your building experience with us and for taking us on a walk through your gorgeous home. I CAN NOT WAIT to see what you have coming for us….squeeeeee!

If you’d like to see more of the space, head to The Coastal Barn Dream on Instagram…you’ll fall in love with her deamy home!

Until next time, Dream Team!

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