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Morgan Kelly’s photography skills are


And it is no surprise that her amazing talent has been showcased in so many of Australia’s most prestigious interior magazines. But even more than that, she is humble, kind and genuinely supports other women in business. So get cosy, get to know Morgan and then slip on over to Instagram to follow along with @casa_morgan on her amazing interior photography business…and if you’re anything like me – you’ll be hanging out for posts, I promise you – Morgan never disappoints!

Photography by Morgan Kelly for Pottery Barn Australia

My name is Morgan Kelly and I am an interior photographer and stylist. I have always had a passion for interiors as I grew up with avid renovators as parents. I just love seeing what can be achieved in the spaces you already have in a home. My passion is shooting homes that have a story behind them from 100 year old Queenslanders to homes that have moved interstate and started their story all over again. 

Morgan ‘s creativity is inspired by travelling the world and appreciating different cultures

Besides growing up renovating all of our family homes, I was fortunate enough to work for an Australian owned homewares company for almost a decade where I photographed and styled their products in a studio. As much as I enjoyed that role, the urge to get out and meet people, hear their stories and share their passion for their homes and their renovations was too great and I started this wild ride that is Casa Morgan. 

Shooting living and dining room goals for @theplot_binnaburra

Although it seems fairly straight forward, Casa Morgan not only refers to me shooting home interiors (casa is Spanish for house) but I wanted a company name that also “housed” all my other talents. I can photograph, style, design, paint, sketch, build and design studio sets and have an insane talent (well, that’s how others describe it) for photoshopping. So in the end Casa Morgan was perfect as it was more like the house of Morgan’s talents.

Left: Shooting for @theplot_binnaburra, which was featured in Country Style Magazine Dream Kitchen edition.

Right: Stunning master bathroom imagery for @theplot_binnaburra

I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people along this journey. From the beautiful homeowners themselves, people who enjoy my instagram account and also the editors of the magazines I have been lucky enough to have my photography featured in. I have also met some of my ultimate idols such as Steve Cordony, Neale Whittaker and also Tanya Buchanan! Someone else who I consider an idol is Shelley Craft and when I worked for the homewares company I also had the absolute privilege of photographing and working alongside her! (And yes, I can confirm, she is one of the nicest humans on the planet!) 

Left: Shooting at @this_old_house52 for Pottery Barn ‘The Collected Home’ campaign

Right: Shooting at @this_old_house52

I wouldn’t say I have a “style” as such, but I certainly look at myself as an extended member of the family when shooting. I love to capture the home as if I too lived there. I love to capture the true essence and vibe of the rooms where people have poured their hearts and souls into creating them. I think I would describe it as warm, for warmth is what makes a house a home. 

Capturing the amazing canvases by @beetwomey located @this_old_house52

When I am not shooting homes I am usually found to be editing imagery for wall art. I love to fill our home with memories of our overseas trips. I am also a keen renovator myself, although my fiancĂ© and I are not yet ready to undertake our renovation/building project – we have painted our fences, tidied gardens, hung our favourite wall art and started to curate what we would like to achieve in our forever home.

Left: office goals for Pottery Barn #thecollectedhome

Right: The perfect nook for coffee and books @theplot_binnaburra

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It’s been an absolute delight to share Morgan and her talents with you. I personally love knowing the journey behind someone’s story, and what an amazing ride! I am excited to see more from Morgan – to follow along and be inspired by all of her amazing talents, head to @casa_morgan