IKEA Hack: Arts and Crafts Caddy


Who doesn’t love a good DIY project…and one that is SO easy – but makes a big difference? For me personally, having organisation systems in place keeps me sane. Having a specific place for everything takes clutter out of sight and also out of my mind.

Believe it or not, I actually created this about 12 months ago – before covid and lockdowns and working from home became the norm. I was looking for a storage solution for my daughters arts and crafts. One that holds her texta’s, pencil, crayons, sharpeners and paper all in the one go. Something that a 4 year old is able to easily get out and pack away on her own.

I found this LUSTIGT Art and Craft Caddy and RÅSKOG trolley from IKEA. Super cute and super simple….however the green noggins and clear acrylic lids just weren’t doing it for me. A quick little spray paint and some cute contact, and we have a gorgeous little work station that’s not only practical, but also ties in with the theme and style of our store room….more to come on THAT little gem later!

I’ve linked below the products that you can head straight to to check them out for yourself. A little birds has told me that the IKEA LUSTIGT Arts and Crafts Storage caddy is currently on sale….you’re welcome!

If you have any questions, be sure to hit me up below. I’d LOVE to see your own transformations, so make sure you tag me @dreaminginteriors when you post to your stories!


LUSTIGT Arts and Crafts Storage – IKEA

Pink Glitter Contact – Officeworks

Pink Chalk Spray Paint – Bunnings

Glass Jars – Reject Shop

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